Link shoetener earn by sharing your link

Share and Get Paid: The Shortest Every 

Are you ready to earn with your blog?

Finding way to Monetise your Blog ? Applied to Adsense but they did not approved your application till now . Don't worry too much because there always a way to earn money from Blog or Online .

We all heard about Link shorteners , some of us may used it or some of us may not . But today I'm going to tell about a link shortener which works very well and can earn you a handsome money depending on your blog traffic .

Want to know which One ?

The link Shortener Is . So how will you earn by shortening the blog or website link ?  

This is very simple , you have to shorten your link through and share the shorten link to every where . Share Post's with the shorten link and when someone visit through that shorten link you earn .

Actually when anyone come through that shorten link show ads to them and you earn . This is not the only way you earn from . have options to let you earn .

How You Earn from Shorte : has three way to let you earn :
  • Short Links .
  • Website Script &
  • Referral Program .
1. Short Links : 
Short the big post links from and share the short link and it is helpfull for twitter also because of it's 140 character binding.

2. Website Script :
This is a java script which you have to put in the head section of Blog or Website . It has three options to show Ads . 

1.On Entry : You don't need to shorten links ,When someone enter in website or blog this script will show ad .

2. On Exit : Do you have high bounce rate on your blog or website then can convert  these bounce into money . When someone leave  blog or site in a few seconds they give bounce and script will show that person Ads and you earns money .
isn't it good !

3. Affiliation : Like every other business it also has affiliation policy . Refer and Earn .

So when and how much one can Withdraw from ?

The minimum amount anyone can withdraw is $15 dollar , which is good . Unlike adsense you have to reach $100 dollar to get a Payout .

Which Medium they used to pay ?

They pay through Paypal, Payoneer & WebMoney .

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