Tiger tooth agate bead.58.3 x 13 mm. - UK

Description: Tiger tooth agate beads, it comes from Tibet, China. Used, worn and bumpged. It is the Tibetan amulet will be handed down from generation to generation, is a kind of faith and spiritual sustenance. It will be worn for a long time will inevitably bump and wear.Source: Mr. Shao Li collected in Tibet. Mr. Shao Li (China Antique Collectors Association) Antique antiques have been 20 years of experience. Is a senior antique collector.Name: agate beads.Age: 16-17 century.Size: 58.3-13 mm.Weight: 14.25 gConditions: the surface of the typical onyx horseshoe weathered patterns. (Defective parts have been reflected in the photos as much as possible) Wear and bump.Important statementThe seller warrants that it has the right to sell these consignments.The seller will handle the necessary permits.The permit will take a few days and the seller will notify the buyer.Mode of transport: air transport, registered transport. Europe is expected to be 15 days. Asia for 5-10 days.

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Tiger tooth agate bead.58.3 x 13 mm. new in shop United Kingdom

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